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Today I found out that Jeff Vanderslice & The Mountain Goats put out a limited release concept album called Moon Colony Bloodbath so guess what I’m downloading right now.

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Today I went thrifting and bought a silk blouse and a rayon dress, the aesthetics of which I can only describe as Hawaiian apocalyptic.

Earlier, I had brunch with nice folks.

Earlier than that, I watched shirtless men in brightly colored costumes beat each other up and then ate Korean chicken wings afterward.

Now, tumbling.

Soon, groceries, followed by finishing (!) the very big freelance project, followed by cooking, followed by more hangouts with nice folks, followed by reading more Jeff VanderMeer.

There’s been a low keen of anxiety running through my brain this weekend as a result of unsettling work events on Friday, but good company and bustling activity are a really effective way to quiet that noise.

When in doubt, wear flowers.

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Had an exceptionally weird/bad day at work and now I’m slightly drunk and reading Jeff VanderMeer’s Authority and thinking, “Fuck, I love these books. Fuck.”

Thank goodness for literature, is what I’m saying here.

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